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Art and Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, Graphic Designer for video production and photoshoot. Behind the scene highlights. Table Mountain Casino and Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort rebrand with Catalyst Marketing.


Here's a bit about me. 


I'm a graduate of Fresno State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design. I've spent several years in an advertising agency and experienced an in-house designer's life during a pandemic in the healthcare industry. I am a 12-time award-winner of the American Advertising Awards, also known as the ADDYs, the advertising industry's largest competition, recognizing some of the country's best creative work. I received recognition as an "Emerging Photographer" in the Fresno Bee and was featured in Arte's Americas Museum in Fresno, California. My published work is in the "100 Strangers Project" book, written and published by Jeff Therkelsen, Associate Professor of Fresno State University. In addition to the "100 Strangers Project," my work has been displayed at Fresno City Hall and Fresno California's Art Hop as a featured artist.

I lead with passion in design, including impactful and efficient creativity that effectively delivers results through multiple marketing channels. 

My hard work as a Senior Designer while at a marketing agency in Fresno, California, won over Table Mountain Casino (CA), Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort (MI), Northstar Casino & Resort (WI), Valley Wide Beverage (CA), and Three Rivers Casino & Resort (OR). All of which were rebrands. I took on design challenges. Some asked to "go big or go home," where I art-directed photoshoots, created TV commercials supporting the rebrand I created. Others wanted to refresh their look, style, and visual messaging.

Branding is much more than people realize. It's your story; it's the representation of who you are as a business, all of which are important to me as a digital designer, web designer, brand ambassador, photographer, videographer, and content creator. Branding of any size requires all of these creative elements. What does your brand say about you? If you can't answer that, I am happy to help you. 


I advocate for college students eager to learn about this industry and share my skillset to inspire every ethnicity and socioeconomic background. I want people, especially the future generation, to thrive. Every semester, the Arts and Humanities Chair at Fresno State calls to present and create a real-life project for graphic design students in their last semester. It is then my responsibility to give my feedback on their work. Mentoring and sharing my skillset are the best part of my career. 


Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you soon.

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