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Change The Color 🤔

Image taken by YMT Creative Studio in Fresno, California

Most people see graphic designers as the total right-brainer; however, to implement the client's brand and vision effectively, the graphic designer must utilize his or her expertise and incorporate that into a meaningful and robust concept. It's never about the graphic designer and their preferences; it's about our clients. Graphic Design is researching and collecting surveys and data that will both amplify the client's strengths and strengthen their weaknesses through art of graphic design.

Yes, we are artists and observe the world differently, but we can change the world. A billboard with a short message and strong illustration can help sex trafficking victims, bring awareness to environmental issues and suicide prevention or entice that next car purchase. The visual elements are endless, and you only have seven seconds in passing to read and observe a billboard while driving on the freeway.

Before hiring a graphic designer for your next gig, hire someone who cares about data before color, values research before pretty fonts, and targets your desired audience. A graphic designer's thoughts, placement, and execution are not as easy as most people perceive, and a revision to change the color is much more than you realize.

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